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About Our Grass Fed Beef


  • Humanly raised, grass fed and finished without antibiotics or hormones
  • Our cattle are source verified, raised on pasture and locally harvested; USDA inspected. The exceptional taste of the beef represents a combination of the native grasses, sage brush and the coastal influence of the Los Alamos ranch where we graze and finish our cattle.
  • Not only is the taste great but the health benefits are too.
  • Conjugated linoleic acid
  • 300% more vitamin E
  • 75% more omega 3
  • 78% more beta carotene
  • 400% more vitamin A
  • To optimize taste and tenderness we keep our cattle on a steady plane of gain and delay harvest well into the animal’s second year when the grass is high in carbohydrates and the cattle are fat.
  • Buy by the cut or purchase a whole animal and have it custom processed to your liking.
  • Contact: Pete Healey (805) 729-1116,